Dedication to Finding a Job Will Pay Off

I like to think I’m a good multitasker, however, job searching, networking and blogging is a constant struggle when I’m also studying for a sociology test, working on a Web site for my journalism class and trying to keep up with all my class readings. I must say it’s quite a challenge to devote my down time to job hunting and company research, but I do it because I care about my future. I don’t want to accept my diploma in May and then shrug and say ‘Now What?’ I need something waiting for me when I graduate aside from cards, cake and congratulations. So I’m doing the groundwork now so I don’t leave college with a huge question mark over my head, and so far it’s worked. I’ve already secured an internship for winter break and have a job interview this month for the spring semester. Therefore, I can’t say my technique isn’t working, it’s just a little funny applying to jobs six months in advance.

Applying early has its advantages as well though. If I contact an HR manager and apply for a job that I can’t start at until summer, then at least I have established who I am, my qualifications and an e-mail correspondence at the very least. I just file that person away until I need to contact them in the future. Juggling school, work and job hunting can be difficult at times, but I know if I put in the time now, it will benefit me down the road and hopefully I can walk out of college and into a company without any lag time.

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