Interns Not Getting Their Time’s Worth

I feel interning doesn’t give you the whole gist of the PR world. Interns are routinely left out of the loop and discounted on their knowledge and ideas. Interns are the children of the professional world that no one takes seriously. Even though I’ve done a good amount of internships, I still feel that I haven’t learned enough yet. For instance, instead of attending client meetings and writing press releases, I’m doing everyone’s ‘bitch work,’ but I guess it’s so we don’t screw up an account or relationship with a client. I feel companies need to have a little more trust in their interns though. After all, they hired us because we’re qualified to potentially work for them.

So why not give us more responsibility? How else am I supposed to learn? I don’t want to show up at my first job and be asked to do something none of my internships ever taught me how to do. I think it would be interesting to have employees pose as mock clients and accounts for interns to work with. This way, no account gets screwed up and interns are able to get feedback and praise for what they do. I guess the problem is time. What account exec wants to be swamped with client work and on top of that pretend to be client themselves and provide feedback and progress reports for interns? Probably a limited amount, however, everyone has a price.

What if internship coordinators were required to fulfill these duties for a raise? This way, their time isn’t wasted, interns get more experience and future companies that hire them get more highly trained individuals coming into their company. Who wins? Everyone.

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