Life Skills Carry Over Into the Workplace

I’m an extremely efficient person. I can complete things quickly without compromising quality, and I usually get great grades in school because of this skill. Being efficient is a huge part of my life. I am always calculating the most efficient way to do things and so I get a lot done in a short amount of time in my every day life. Recently, I have discovered that efficiency is also key in the workplace.

I’m given many assignments each day so my ability to multitask is constantly being tested. Some coworkers greatly underestimate my skills, which is fine because they have no way of knowing what my work ethic is. Actually, I kind of like it when I’m perceived as ‘green. When they give me a project and tell me they need it in the next couple of days and I get it to them a few hours later, I love that look of disbelief mixed with happiness on their face.

I guess I can’t blame them for underestimating new interns, or interns in general, because I’m sure all companies have had interesting experiences with interns in the past. I guess maybe I’ve just interned more than the average college student and so maybe that’s why I feel more confident in my work and am good at being efficient.

I’m glad that I can use my everyday skills in the workplace. Efficiency is the best skill to have if you’re a journalist or PR pro because you’re always on a deadline and need to use your time well. Good thing efficiency is a key component in how I run my life.

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