Lessons in Job Hunting

Job hunting is horrible. Your e-mail gets littered with job alerts that you regretfully feel obligated to sign up for, Craigslist is bookmarked, your constantly ‘checking in’ with contacts and worst of all, you’re always stressed out and live in a constant state of unknowing. How can I possibly know how I really did on that interview, or if my resume stood out from other applicants? Even though I’m confident in my abilities and experience, I’m always doubting myself because I’m not sure how I come off in person or on paper.

I’ve applied for a lot of jobs in the past three months and I’ve managed to score a handful of interviews. Even if I’m sure about the job, I figure I should interview because it’s always good practice and you never really know what a job entails unless you go and find out.

Even though I find interviews beneficial, it’s the followup that’s truly a challenge. A majority of the jobs you apply for don’t get back to you. I ask you, why don’t employers provide applicants the courtesy of knowing their status, something that is rare but persistently sought after when  job hunting?

I know it may be tedious, but employers should write a brief e-mail telling the applicant where they stand so they can either move on, or prepare for the next step of the process. After job hunting for the past few months, I have promised myself that if I’m ever in a position to hired people, I will ‘man up’ and either call or email every applicant to tell them what their status is. It’s the least I could do for these people who spent the time to apply for the position. 

Even though job hunting is a time suck and extremely frustrating, my mantra is ‘Persistance will pay off.’ I know I will eventually find a job and whoever hires me will be glad they did. So until then, I will keep pushing and staying positive. And when I get a job, the first thing I’m going to do is delete those annoying job alerts and set my Facebook status as ‘Finally Hired.’

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