Over Qualified and Under Paid

After four months of job hunting, which included countless interviews, applications and rejection letters, I finally found a job in July. It was such a relief to not worry anymore about applying to jobs in my spare time or stressing out about how I was going to support myself. It felt absolutely amazing to get hired, but I also had some reservations about the job I was offered.

First of all, I have a B.A. in public relations, a sociology minor and I have had seven internships in the past four years. So when I was offered the position of an office assistant at an organic ranch, I must admit I felt like I was cheating myself and my credentials. However, I rationalized this by telling  myself that I need to start somewhere and a job that I’m over qualified for is better than no job at all.

On top of being over qualified, I am also getting paid only $1 more than I was at my part-time job I worked in college. I’m due for a whopping 50 cent raise in three months, but its a little troubling to be a college graduate and making the same as people who didn’t invest in an education.

In additional to all of this, I am faced with some criticism from my family and friends. It’s like the fact that I got a job is overwhelmed by the fact that I’m over qualified and under paid for it. This is hard for me to deal with as well, but does anyone realize that despite this horrible economy, I have a job, with benefits and growth potential, on a beautiful ranch, and I’m appreciated for the work I do. If you ask me, that’s not a bad first job.

This situation is especially common right now. I know people who have graduated with degrees in marketing, international business and biology and they’re all working administrative jobs and getting paid pennies for it. That’s just the way it is right now.

What I’m doing is not forever, I have to look at the bigger picture, as does others in my situation. I try to look at this new job as a springboard, thrusting me into the job world and all its possibilities. However, I can’t get there until I make the initial leap. In the meantime, I’m just going to make do with a modest salary and a job that I ironically didn’t need to go to college to get.

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