Three Ways to be a Rock Star at Work

Three quick tips that have gotten me noticed and respected in the workplace.

1. Do More Than You’re Asked

Go the extra mile with the work you’re asked to do. Although you’re setting a higher standard for yourself on future assignments, it will impress your boss and coworkers by showing them that you’re thorough and eager to exceed their expectations. For example, if I’m asked to find pricing on an item, I also include other similar options, calculate tax and shipping into the overall cost, and format it all on an easy to read template. Executives don’t have time to muddle through the details, they want bottom line numbers and top line descriptions. So spend some time to save them some, and it will be much appreciated.

2. Anticipate Needs

Before anyone asks you to do something, do it. It may take a little time to know what’s expected of you, but some of it is just common sense. For instance, if I’m going into a meeting for tradeshow planning, I know my boss and colleagues would probably like or might ask for an updated version of the tracking sheet from our last meeting. So before I’m asked, I send it out to everyone before the meeting so we all have the same document to refer to and everyone’s up to speed.

 3. Never say ‘I don’t know,’ rather, ‘Let me find out’

This simple phrase lets your colleagues know that you will be proactive in finding a solution, rather than just giving up when you don’t know the answer. You’ll come off as a go-getter, willing to do what it takes to give someone an answer or find a solution.     

These tips can only help you excel in the workplace. If you do each consistently, your boss and colleagues can’t help but notice your work ethic, and that can only lead to good things.  

One thought on “Three Ways to be a Rock Star at Work

  1. Lindsay, these are three great points that I fully endorse. What you are talking about is work ethic and anticipating what your customers expect from you and will appreciate. I mean your internal customers, the person or people who you work for, who you support in your role, who you have to make successful through the work you do. Your advise is spot on: anticipate what your boss wants and needs to be successful and you will be successful. Simply because you will quickly get recognized as somebody who “gets it”.

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