The Pressure to Perform

As young professionals, we can tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves because we feel like we have to prove our worth in an organization to everyone.

Whether we’re crazy busy, or doing mundane assignments, we constantly feel the pressure to perform well, attempting to do everything we’re tasked with excellently. I’ve experienced this at every job I’ve had, the continuous pressure to perform well, and the desire to exceed expectations. The fact is these feelings are unavoidable if you aim to do well in an organization and climb the ranks.

However, even though we do have a lot to prove as young pros, are we being too hard on ourselves?

What’s the effect of all this pressure on us? Ironically, the pressure to perform well at work can increase our stress level, which in turn can interfere with our performance.  If we’re constantly worrying about our performance, that excessive stress can lead to us actually being less productive. From personal experience, performance anxiety at work can affect your sleep, concentration and overall attitude, which in turn affects the quality of your work.

So how do we allow pressure to let us thrive without permitting it to overburden us? The answer is to give yourself a break.

Don’t let the pressure to prove yourself overrule your life, instead;

  • Let yourself be ok with making mistakes, just learn from them.
  • Allow yourself to be ok with not knowing every aspect of your business, accepting that someday you will if that’s your goal.
  • Don’t get down on yourself if you’re left out or not chosen to do something, you’ll have your chance someday if you continue to prove your worth.

Let pressure be the driving force toward your personal success. Just don’t let it push you so fast that you trip and fall flat on your face.

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