Stick With It or Venture Out?

After landing your first serious job, the inevitable question comes to mind, ‘How long should I stay?’ As young professionals, we tend to have a hunger to learn and prove ourselves. This eagerness makes it hard to know whether to stay at a job and climb the ladder or venture out and expand your job experience.

But what’s the best strategy?

Stick With It

If you stay at one job, you will probably have a high level of expertise in your field and steadily get promotions. However, you also have a narrower skill set and never get to experience any other field or company that could potentially be another good fit. 

If you become great at what you do and your status in your company steadily increases, it can be scary to think about starting all over again after investing so much time into your career.

Venture Out

If you bounce around to different jobs, you’ll probably acquire an eclectic skill set, make tons of valuable connections, and experience more companies and fields. However, you may not get paid or promoted as much because you keep starting over in new fields and you may not build a lot of expertise, as you are always changing your focus.

If you like trying new things, moving around, meeting new people and let’s face it, get board with your work easily, it can be hard to stick it out in one company for your entire career.

I guess it’s just whatever feels right for you whether your personal style is strong and stable or whimsical and worldly. My personal style is a mixture of both; I like stability in my life, but I am also worldly, which makes me unsure of how to direct my professional life.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and/or experiences. What do you think is the better career strategy; stick with it or venture out?   

2 thoughts on “Stick With It or Venture Out?

  1. I feel its important to stick it out for sure, but also thinking outside the box and when the time is right to venture out! Always keep your options open has worked for me.. lol

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