Stop Comparing and Start Doing

Some of us have that friend, sibling, coworker or schoolmate who has had great achievements, or some awesome experiences you’ve always wanted to have yourself, and as a result you constantly compare yourself to them.

It seems no matter what great thing you have going on for you; sometimes it doesn’t feel like it measures up to what some of your peers are doing. So how do you stop comparing yourself to others?

Here are three tips that have helped me;

Focus on You

Figure out what your own goals are and then focus on meeting them. If you do this, it will be harder for you to dwell on other’s achievements. Plus, you’ll actually do the things you want to do instead of just talking about them.

Do it Yourself

Instead of getting jealous about someone’s accomplishment, just do it yourself. If you wish you could own a business like your friend or travel the globe like your sibling, stop saying ‘I wish I could do that’ and make plans to do it yourself.

Be Happy

Be happy for those who have accomplished or experienced something great, and even let it be your motivation. Just think of how good it feels when people are happy for you; extend that same courtesy to those around you. It will not only uplift them, but also help inspire you to reach your own goals.

It’s hard not to compare yourself to others, but if you stop dwelling on what others are doing and start focusing on your own goals, the impact will be so much greater.


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