Mentors: A Tribute to Anthony Williams

This blog post is a tribute to Anthony Williams; an amazing professional, mentor and individual whose guidance and encouragement will forever impact and shape my life. He will always be remembered.

Anthony Williams kick-started my professional career in his living room. As a family friend and the father of my best girlfriend, he was always a big part of my life, but now he was getting involved in a whole new way.

It all started with a simple talk about marketing yourself to get a job in a recession. I was about to graduate from college and was concerned about the job market. But Anthony was quick to offer me valuable advice so I spent less time worrying and more time preparing.

As an accomplished businessman, I hung on every word he said. I can remember frantically writing down how to make myself more marketable. His insights included; starting a blog, branding yourself, getting recommendations on LinkedIn, expanding your network, nurturing relationships, having a personal business card, and many other helpful tips.

He was actually the reason I started this blog. In the years that followed, he always gave me great insights and shared resources with me, like marketing books and magazines, that had helped him. From college to a career, he was my mentor; someone I could always get advice from and who helped make me the young professional I am today. And his support will continue to inspire me.

Everyone needs a mentor. As much as you want to think you can conquer your market space by yourself, you need the help of a more experienced person. Someone who will be there for you when you need them, and whose advice will resonate with you when they’re not. Their tried and true advice will help you avoid their mistakes, should you choose to follow it, and help guide you in making important decisions.

Anthony was a wonderful mentor and I will always cherish the advice he’s given me and feel thankful that he was willing to share it. May you all be so lucky to find a mentor like him.

3 thoughts to “Mentors: A Tribute to Anthony Williams”

  1. Lindsay, very well said and beautiful comments about Tony. He will be forever missed and I will always have in my mind his wonderful smile and his full of life attitude. My thoughts are with his family today. Thanks for sharing,

  2. Very nice Lindsay. I’m so glad you wrote about Tony. His generousity of sharing his wisdom and experience now lives on through you. I’m sure he’d be proud of you.

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