Big Healthcare in the Big Easy


I never thought healthcare would take me to New Orleans.

I arrived in the late afternoon, the day before my company’s annual Healthcare Symposium. It was my first time in the Big Easy and I had nothing but high expectations about the destination and what I would accomplish there.
As my cab entered the French Quarter and whipped through the cobblestone streets,  I took in the bold architecture with iron-fringed balconies and strong doorways, adorned with massive lanterns.
Musicians were playing in the middle of the street, surrounded by smiling people. Tourists were sitting in open-air bars sipping on hurricanes, and antique shop windows glowed with the light of crystal chandeliers.
When I finally arrived at the hotel, I made my way in ready to take in as much as I could at the event that I did on the drive to it. 
The next day, we welcomed our guests to the symposium with a evening reception around the pool and I met and spoke with many of our clients and partners. It felt great to make a connection with these people, and this gave me a renewed sense of purpose by seeing and interacting with individuals and not just a company.
The next day of sessions was an absolute eye-opener. All of the speakers were from top companies  within our industry, who spoke and collaborated with attendees on the looming healthcare challenges  facing  the market. It was  great to listen as the speakers shared their insights and to learn  how attendees were working toward solving the problems they faced. I sat with most of the speakers throughout the day and got the pleasure of learning a little more about  these inspiring  thought leaders.
I even ended up having lunch with the keynote speaker and the CEO of my company. We spoke  about social media, branding, speaking and blogging. It was amazing to connect with these  influential leaders and learn a little more about marketing and healthcare over lunch.

The second day was just as interesting. It  was so valuable to really learn where healthcare is going  and what health plans and providers need to prepare for. It also revealed how I work to fill these gaps. I love going to events like this where I get to connect with the people whom we do business with and the leaders who have big ideas of how we can deliver better overall healthcare. It was a really inspiring week and the magic of New Orleans made the event that much more memorable for me.
As I drove out of the French Quarter at the end of the week, I was not only left with an impression from the rich culture of New Orleans, but also a better understanding of the healthcare landscape and how I’m working to improve it.

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  1. I felt like I was with you after reading our article on New Orleans. Way to go. I love that these experiences are helping to keep you inspired and more knowledgeable about your field and company. Dad

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