What I Learned In 2011

A lot has happened to me in 2011.

In February, I started my first career position as a marketing specialist at EXL Landa, a health and care management software company;

I started self hosting Rising PR Pro in June, with the help of my former Chico State journalism professor, Matt Blake.

I took up yoga in July with a former employer and friend, Paula Barros, at Clear Yoga;

And in November, I traveled for work to New Orleans and Chicago, both for the first time, to help orchestrate large events.

Needless to say, I’ve been busy.

But as this year comes to a close, I can’t help but reflect on what I’ve come up against in this past year.

In all of the instances above, I was faced with the same hurdle, self doubt. Often times, it would creep in and invoke negative thoughts like, ‘I’ll never get this,’ ‘I’m not good enough,’ ‘Maybe I should do something else.’ In effect, instead of accepting my current stage in the process of personal success, I was faulting and criticizing myself.

But what I’ve learned is that on the road to personal success, you have to accept where you are in the process at every stage and embrace it. Even though you may not be advancing as much as you’d like toward an ideal, you can’t accept that as defeat. Instead, let it fuel your intention even more to move toward what you want, and also toward the realization that the learning is never complete.

Now in 2012, I have a new attitude and resolution; self-acceptance. I will accept where I am within each facet of my life and celebrate the progress I make. Accept every (sometimes frustrating) stage and let it guide you to your personal ideal.

What has been your biggest revelation of 2011 and what’s your resolution for 2012? Please share below and Happy New Year!

3 thoughts to “What I Learned In 2011”

  1. Very insightful and revealing. Some times the more you psycho-analyze yourself the more frustrating and confusing you or things can become. The self doubt issue is a normal feeling to have expecially at the beginning of any new job or challenge in life. With time things will get easier especially if you’re in a field you enjoy. You will never stop learning and you will always build on previous knowledge as long as you keep an open mind and always have a desire to improve yourself and knowledge base. The fact that you recognize self doubt tells me that you see a personal need to want and/or to learn more. Go a littler easier on yourself in 2012 and keep up the great work because I know Landacorp loves you. Also, never stop learning or finding ways to improve yourself.

  2. Hi Lindsay, thank you for inspiring all us with your write -ups and giving out your knowledge and feedback on your blog. I have really enjoyed reading each one of them.

    I wondered if you had any comments or could blog about your knowledge of “Woman in the Workforce” and how it has affected you or any other co-workers, and how you are maintaining your input and knowledge and making sure that Woman are noticed for their achievements and making sure you are standing up for your promotions, and what certain suggestions you might give to others to maintain this in their jobs. With it being a hard market out their for jobs and stability are you finding it even with Men and Women!

    Thanks, hope your doing well


    1. Hi Jen!

      I’m so glad that you have been enjoying my posts. I love your idea and will definitely use it in my next blog post! This is a great topic that concerns many women in the workforce today and shouldn’t be ignored. While I haven’t come up against this yet in my own career, I’m sure that there’e a high likelihood that I will. Thanks for your idea and keep them coming! I love writing about topics that my readers can relate to and face in their own careers. Thanks for reading and keep rising!

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