You’re Never Settling If You’re Always Searching

It’s easy to think you’re settling if your job isn’t exactly what you want to do.

But I don’t think it’s settling if you’re always looking for new opportunities.

I find a lot of people feel that if they can’t get their dream job immediately, that whatever job they do get will be settling.  Therefore, it isn’t worth taking and if they take it, it’s not worth continuing to look.

It’s hard out there, I know. It took me an entire year to find a career position in my desired field of marketing, but during that time I never stopped looking and I kept busy.

The summer after I graduated from Chico State, instead of moving home and applying for jobs on the couch, I stayed in Chico to maintain my independence and look for jobs. To support myself, I kept my job at an athletic club that I had throughout college.

When I wasn’t working, I went on informational interviews, networked, applied in-person and online to dozens of jobs, took the time to improve my cover letter and resume, and visited the career center often. And it paid off.

By the end of summer, I landed a full-time job as an administrative assistant in Chico. Even though it wasn’t in my field of interest, I was thrilled for the chance to learn new skills and make new connections.

Also during this time, I starting doing freelance PR and marketing to keep my experience fresh. It wasn’t ideal, but it kept me busy and supported my independent lifestyle.

At this point, I could have settled and made this a career, but I continued to look. I kept my eyes open for opportunities in my field, while I was honing my existing skills and discovering new ones.

After seven months, I finally found a full-time marketing position at EXL Landa in Chico, a successful, established medical management software company. I was thrilled that my perseverance had finally paid off, but also thankful that I was able to work and learn in the months that led to this achievement.

People say I’m lucky to have found such a great a job in a struggling economy, as if it was by accident. But I paid my dues; I got resourceful, I made the right connections, I kept looking for opportunities and I made the most out of my current situation. That was my recipe for success and it’s my advice to any struggling job seeking today.

You learn from every job experience and you never know who you’ll meet along the way. If you’re always looking for new opportunities, while you’re learning and growing from your current work, then you’ll never be settling.


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