What’s Your Weakness?

The one question I always feared most in an interview setting was ‘what’s your weakness?’ Mostly because I didn’t have an answer.

So often we are asked to define our strengths in interviews, yearly reviews and in personal branding. But have you taken a good, hard look at your weaknesses? Where are you falling short and what would ¬†you like to work on? It’s a hard question to ask yourself, let alone be asked.

But the sooner you can identify your weaknesses, the sooner you can start working on it.

My weakness is assertiveness. I don’t always ask questions when I should and it’s hard for me to confront people. But since I’m consciously aware of this, I have been working to push myself outside of my comfort zone when the opportunity presents itself. It’s hard, but this weakness is gradually becoming less of one everyday.

So don’t be like me and be afraid of your weakness, identify it, work on it and you’ll never fear it again.

So now you tell me, what’s your weakness?

One thought on “What’s Your Weakness?

  1. You’re right, not an easy to admit or confront. No one is perfect. I have a weakness in that I can sometimes over sell a point. I mean sell it to death. In fact, I’ve been told that I give way too much detail (talk too much) when I’m trying to get a point across. Thanks for the insight and the article.

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