Are You Hooked?

I have a very short attention span.

I only read the first paragraph of an online article or watch 10 seconds of a YouTube video before I ask myself, ‘Do I want to keep going?’ Unless I’m really interested, the answer is usually no. With so many options to choose from on the internet, if someone can’t hook me before my attention span runs out, they lose me and it’s on to the next.

As web content grows, attention spans shrink.

According to BBC.Com “…web browsing can leave you with an attention span of nine seconds – the same as a goldfish.” Social Times says even less, claiming that attention spans have dropped from 12 minutes 10 years ago, to just 5 seconds today.

To me this means that my job is only going to get harder.  Not only as a blogger, but also as a marketing professional. My goal is to always create compelling content that my readers will enjoy, but now my challenge will inevitably be to capture your attention sooner and get to the point faster. This not only takes away from the mastery of writing, but also the personal connection between reader and author.

Although unfortunate, it’s a reality that many online publishers and professionals must adapt to in the impending future.

With your ever-shrinking attention span in mind, this week I will keep this blog post short and end here (and thank you if you’re still with me!)

Now be honest, are my usual posts too long for your attention span? 

3 thoughts on “Are You Hooked?

  1. I got hooked on your article. Never stop. You’re right if you don’t “hook” your reader in the first few sentences you’ll probably loose them. It’s too bad that we are all so much in a rush these days and don’t have the time to read and/or for the fun of it. I’ll stop right here. I don’t want to lose you.

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