Google You

What does Google say about you?

When you search for your name, are the results desirable or damaging to your credibility as a professional?

All too often, I see young professionals posting inappropriate content and pictures of themselves on their social sites, not thinking of the implications it can have on their current or future careers.

Immediately you may think that since it’s your profile you should be able to post anything you want, right? Not unless you’re willing to answer to it, either to someone who controls your career or is considering working with you.

Rule of Thumb: If you’re posting content that you wouldn’t want a current/future employer, client or partner to see, don’t post it.

Like it or not, we are all really exposed by the Internet. A simple search can reveal things that you forgot you posted, or that you didn’t even post yourself. But even though you may be just finding these things now, you can simply untag yourself or delete the content and photos in question to alleviate any future issues.

If you do a search on yourself  and don’t find anything, work on expanding your online presence in a positive way to promote your credibility and online presence. The Wall Street Journal published an article stating that some employers are even bypassing resumes altogether and are instead requesting links to an applicant’s “Web presence.”

If this is where we’re headed, it’s important to expand and clean up your Web presence now.

Some simple ways to do this are to create or expand your social media profiles, launch an online portfolio, publish a blog, keeping in mind that everything you publish is appropriate and professional. Also, delete any undesirable content or request that the source deletes it or untags you.

Just do something that establishes your professional online presence because it’s becoming increasing imperative in the job market and essential to your credibility as a professional.

What does Google say about you? Is it good, bad, something you didn’t expect, or nothing at all?

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