Make Time To Pursue

We all have a certain something we’ve always wanted to pursue.

For some, it could be becoming an entrepreneur, and for others it may be further exploring a talent. Whatever it is, we always seem to come up with a good excuse not to do it.

In effect, that great idea for a business or that book you’ve always wanted to write will stay hypothetical. Additionally, not pursuing something could make you miss out on even more than you might think.

A pursuit can initially serve one purpose with an expected reward, but once you being, you can uncover multiple purposes and many rewards. My initial purpose for my blog was to establish an online presence and brand myself. And while it has done that, it has also been very emotionally rewarding by allowing me to connect with readers and giving me a voice on things that I care about.

So how do you finally pursue what you want and start realizing what you’re missing? Make your pursuits a priority.

I make the time to write and manage my blog after work and during the weekend, even when I’m too tired, on vacation or uninspired at first.

You have to start making the time and stop making excuses.

Even if your pursuit takes years, just start the process and you’ll immediately discover new reasons to keep doing it. Even if your pursuit ends badly, at least you’ll know you tried and it will give you the confidence to pursue something else and all its rewards.

What do you want to pursue?

4 thoughts to “Make Time To Pursue”

  1. I want to pursue more regular excercise in my daily routine. Exercise is a real easy thing to put off until “tomorrow” or indefinitely if you’re not careful. I think we’ll all guilty of making exuses why we can’t do more exercise, but we can all use more of it not just me. I also want to pursue more excercise opportunities outdoors and not in a gym or health club. Getting outside in the fresh air is so much more invigorating than jogging in place on a tread mill. I think in order to do something you want to pursue you have to make it a priority and life necessity, otherwise it will quickly slip off the radar. Thanks for article.

    1. The first step is realizing what you need to do, but not many people get past this initial step. Make sure you pursue more exercise in your life and you’ll never regret that you started, no matter the outcome. Good luck!

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