Something New to Keep In Mind

I want to point out something new on the Rising PR Pro blog.

It’s a tag line in the upper left hand corner of the screen. It states three things that I believe every young professional should always keep in mind; Be Resourceful, Stay Passionate, Keep Rising.

This message summarizes what I want readers to take away from or be reminded of when reading this blog. So I wanted to take a moment and share this small change with you and express my thoughts behind each brief statement.

Be Resourceful

In order to be successful at landing a job, standing out or meeting a hard deadline, you have to be resourceful. Those who are resourceful see opportunities in challenges and are creative with their ideas and time.  Being resourceful puts you at an advantage because when others will give up on something, you’ll still be finding ways to make it work. No matter what you’re faced with in your career, in order to get where you’re going, be resourceful.

Stay Passionate

Young professionals are usually passionate at the beginning of their careers, but then that passion can taper off. It can be hard to stay passionate about achieving a personal ideal when change is slow and you see little or no results. But passion is the driving force behind your potential, and without it you probably won’t achieve what you most desire. So never lose it, stay passionate.

Keep Rising

Chances are you’ll climb the professional ladder and eventually achieve your personal success. But don’t let yourself plateau once you’ve reached your goals, always find ways to keep on rising. Whether at work or in your personal life, keep discovering ways to reinvent yourself, realize new goals and find the courage to try new things. No matter where you are, keep rising.

Now every time you see this tagline when you read my blog, you’ll know its’ significance. I can only hope that I am living up to this mission I’ve set with every post and look forward to hearing if I’m doing just that.

Do you think I’m achieving my blog’s mission?

4 thoughts to “Something New to Keep In Mind”

  1. You make a great point about being resourceful and not giving up on things when others have. In the same stream of thinking I believe it is important to be dynamic in your approach and flexible with others when they offer in put as well.
    Great things to point out and keep in mind Linds!

  2. Great new tag line for your blog. However, not so sure I totally agree with your advice to “keep rising” when you’ve met your goals. There is a fine line here. I made a conscious decision to stop rising in the company I work for 33 years ago because I found the perfect position and place for me. A place that makes me happy and satisfied every day. So much so, I have no plans to ever retire. If I would have stayed on the fast track to greater status, salary and fame in the organization I know I wouldn’t be as happy as I am today. The take home message here is know when you have found the perfect position or job and savor it, you can always reinvent the position with your own style or do other things that make it challenging if you feel you’ve hit a plateau. If you’re not careful you’ll always be searching then wondering some day why you left a job you loved. “Rising” too fast or not taking the time to enjoy the job at hand may make you regret your decisions to move up.

    1. Interesting take. What I mean by ‘keep rising’ is to always find ways to improve yourself. That could be at work, or in your personal life, just keep growing and learning, but like you said it’s important to realize when you have something that makes you happy and stick with it. Keep rising in life, in whatever form that may be in.

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