Followers Can Be Also Leaders

I think many of us would like to think we’re leaders.

However, a lot of what we do at work can be based on what other’s are doing around us. This could be because we’re looking for an example to follow, or because we don’t want to challenge someone. And while it is important to follow in some cases, it is also important to find where you can lead.

Although tempting, you can’t always default to what everyone else is doing. Instead, you have to set your own path and realize where you can do more than just your job. When you’re starting out, even if your colleagues are only following, you have to be both a follower and a leader.

This will do two things; 1) it will accomplish what you’ve been told to do, and 2) it will eventually determine what others will do too.

People are always looking to follow someone, so no matter what your position is at a company, give them a reason to follow.

Make room for both responsibilities and one day you may just be the leader.

How are you following and leading?

2 thoughts to “Followers Can Be Also Leaders”

  1. Didn’t quite get where you were going with this advice. Sounds like you, yourself, may be a little confused to whether you should take more of a leading role or to hold back and follow others. You do make a good point about there is a time to follow (and be a team player) and opportunities to lead. If you see these leadership opportunities then you should take them otherwise someone else will, that is of course, if it is your desire to lead and not to always follow. You are definitely follower if you are afraid to challenge authority. I firmly believe that all great leaders at one time were excellent, resourceful, and passionate follows. Hey, no one starts at the top. I believe you blogged some time ago about qualities of a good leader. I’ll have to go back and read that one again.

    1. Great insight. What I mean is that even when you’re a follower, you need to also find ways that you can be a leader. Also, I’m not confused about my role; I know that I’m a innovator in some areas but an eager following in others. Young professionals need to remember to strike a balance between being a leader and follower. It’s important to not just wait until someone makes you a leader, rather you need to find where you can lead.

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