Give Change a Chance

Many of us don’t like change.

You would think that most people would welcome a break in their work routine. However, when changes occur in an organization, even if they benefit you, l think most of us get a little resistant.

My question is, why do we feel this way?

Here are a few theories I think might explain why we’re resistant to change at work.

  1. You may think it could affect your position or career path
  2. You may think it will throw off your department’s dynamic or corporate culture
  3. You may think something you have been doing is wrong if things are changing
  4. You may think it undermines your own skills and potential

Although these are valid concerns, it’s also important to understand that nothing stays the same within a company. Whether it’s doing really well or really poorly, all organizations are subject to change, and you have to be dynamic enough to deal with that. If you’re not, your employment status could also change.

As much as you want to resist it, embrace it because it could make your job easier just as much as you think it could make it harder. All you have to do is give change a chance.

What do you do when there’s a change at work?


4 thoughts to “Give Change a Chance”

  1. You’re absolutely correct many people are resistant, even threatened, by change, but those that initiate changes and/or adopt change in the early stages are and will be ahead of the curve. These are the visionaries of a company or organization. I like change because I get bored easily. Change for me is exciting especially if the changes are because of my ideas or initiation. Some changes I agree may seem senseless, especially at first, but sometimes even these changes may surprise you and make your job a whole lot easier and hopefully enjoyable in the end. I’m with your advice, “Give change a chance”.

    1. It’s great that you’re so welcoming to change when it’s something that many people struggle with. Keep that mentality, it can only help you!

  2. I dislike change VERY much! It makes me uncomfortable. But recently I had to up grade computer system, and I was very stressed about this HUGH change. It turns out the change was benefited me and my clients. I really want to embrace change, but I have this inter fear.
    I keep trying!

    Heidi Casale

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