Not Sleepless, Just Stories in Seattle

Most people go to Seattle for its majestic beauty, thriving music scene and great seafood, but I went for content.

I attended the MarketingProfs event, SocialTech 2012, to learn more about content marketing, and I left with plenty of stories. The event started with a workshop on content marketing, which focused on finding stories to tell about your company and figuring out how and where to publish them.

Ann Handley, MarketingProfs

I found myself mesmerized as industry heavyweight Ron Ploof from OC New Media coached us through a workshop on finding and developing stories. His infectious passion for storytelling was truly inspiring and sparked my own creativity.

Suddenly content didn’t seem so hard to find, rather it was pouring out of me. After the workshop, I couldn’t wait to see what else I would learn, but not before I did some networking.

I attended the welcome reception that evening at the Seattle Aquarium, which was totally transformed into a trendy lounge surrounded by sea life. I grabbed a plate of risotto and a glass of wine and started chatting up some fellow attendees, and then I decided to explore. I meandered through the jellyfish, tide pool tanks and small aquariums filled with exotic fish, and even joined a group watching a baby otter being fed.

Later that evening, I got the chance to chat with MarketingProfs folks, including Chief Content Officer, Ann Handley. It was so awesome to meet one of the authors behind Content Rules and to tell her about my own successes using content marketing.

The next day was jammed-packed with sessions and networking. After attending a few great presentations, I had a one-on-one meeting with Tim Washer from Cisco. He gave me great insights on using video and podcasts as a way to tell my company’s story. It was awesome to get advice from such a great resource.

Then I headed to a working lunch, where I sat at a podcasting round table with another MarketingProfs staffer, established blogger and podcaster, Matt T. Grant. The round table members discussed how they were using podcasts and I got actionable advice from Matt who offered great insights on the medium.

Panel Discussion on Content Marketing

The lunch gave me a lot to think about as I made my way to the content case study session, where both Tim Washer and Ron Ploof were a part of a panel to discuss real-life content strategy successes. It was so helpful to see how big B2B companies like Cisco, SAP and Boeing are using content marketing.

After the panel, the conference finished up with a closing keynote and after it concluded, I couldn’t wait to tell my story. SocialTech gave me the motivation to create, and inspired ideas for finding stories to share.

As a young professional, it was absolutely invaluable to be able to speak with such incredible marketers. I not only took away dozens of ideas for my company, but also for myself. Now I look forward to staying connected with these pros and hope to some day be just as inspiring and helpful as they are.

Until then, I’ll use the knowledge they were kind enough to share with me and see what my content can do.

12 thoughts on “Not Sleepless, Just Stories in Seattle

  1. I am so glad that you got so much out of the conference, Lindsay. And thank you so much for the nice Kudos,

    Keep mining, telling, publishing, spreading, and refining those stories:-)


    1. Thanks, Ron! I can’t wait to tell Landacorp’s story using the resources you provided me with. Thanks again!

  2. Great Post Lindsay! It was nice meeting you at SocialTech, hope this conference helped you out, maybe we’ll run into each other in the future 🙂

    1. Thanks, Jason! I got a lot out of the conference. Hopefully we will see each other at another marketing event!

  3. Wow, it is always wonderful to hear stories like your experiences at the Seattle conference. When you apply the knowledge and information learned at the conference along with the connections you make between and after the scene you really take full advantage of a “business trip”.

    1. It was a great event. I love going to conferences like this and especially love to get more out of them than expected.

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