Rising Meets Aspiring Professionals

It was weird taking resumes at a career fair instead of giving them out.

This week, I helped staff the EXL Landa booth at a Chico State Career Fair. It was surreal to say the least, since just two years before I was wandering the same aisles, desperately trying to find a company that might give me an interview.

I knew exactly how these students felt as they shuffled from booth to booth, and I felt compelled to help those who qualified to get in for an interview.

The auditorium was buzzing all afternoon and you could feel the eagerness in the room. All five of the staff at our booth were constantly talking to students from all majors, telling them about EXL Landa and what positions were available. I loved being able to represent my company and also talk to some really bright young adults.

Job hunting can be a really long and discouraging process, but it was great to get the ball rolling for some of the students who visited the booth.

This experience further reinforced why I write this blog, because I really do care about helping students and young professionals navigate the workforce today and sharing any advice I’ve gathered so far as a young professional myself.

As a result of the career fair, we scheduled over 20 interviews and made a lot of great connections. It felt good to be around so many aspiring professionals and even better to know what I was playing a small part in getting them that much closer to a career.

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  1. Good for you. Thanks for inspiring students especially those motivated to be a young professional like you some day. I applaud your effort and desire to inspire others. Keep up the good work.

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