Random Acts of Thankfulness

I was writing a thank you card the other day and it occurred to me that I only thank people after I get something from them.

This made me think about thankfulness. Should it be a rehearsed response that we use whenever we need it, or should it be random?

In addition to thanking the people you work with for a specific reason, like when they help you on a project or give you great advice, it’s also important to tell them how much you appreciate them when they least expect it.

The phrase, ‘Thank you,’ can lose it’s meaning if it’s used when it’s expected, but it can mean a lot more when you don’t see it coming. For instance, getting a present ‘just because’ means more than getting a present for Christmas when it’s expected. So why not apply this same methodology to thankfulness?

Let people know that their help, advice, praise, etc., matters even when they didn’t just give it to you.┬áLearn to say ‘thank you’ when it’s expected, but don’t forget to say it when it’s not.

When’s the last time you said thank you to a coworker?

6 thoughts to “Random Acts of Thankfulness”

  1. Good Morning, Lindsay –

    Great thoughts! I agree with you 100% Not only should you tell your co-workers, and bosses, “Thank You” tell the people in your lives – friends and family – “Thank You” for always being there for me or “Thank You” for being the friend I can always depend on.

    It was great seeing you on Easter. Hope we get to meet up again soon.

    Love –


    1. I’m so glad you also agree and see the need to say ‘thank you’ to those who are important in your life. Thanks for reading!

  2. Perhaps if there was more Thank you’s in the world, a lot more would get done.

    Loved this Blog

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