3 Ways for New Grads to Land a Career

Right now, its prime job-hunting season for soon-to-be grads.

I’ve been talking to a lot of students, and their friends and parents, about the fear of them not finding a career position before graduation. It seems the overall feeling is discouragement, and it’s easy to feel this way when you don’t have a shiny career waiting for you at the other end of your diploma.

I should know; the day I graduated from college, I had absolutely no leads and this made it hard to enjoy my accomplishment. However, there were three key things that helped me land a career within a year that I’d like to share with any soon-to-be grad who feels the same sense of discouragement that I once did.

1. Support Yourself

While you’re looking for a career, get a job! It helps to job hunt while you’re making an income (even if its minimum wage), learning new skills and even making key connections in the process. Although you may want to run home after graduation and have your parents support you while you job hunt, this will make it harder to get motivated to start a professional life.

2. Tap Your Network

Your own network can be very instrumental in finding you a career. I tapped my network by contacting my college professors, past colleagues from internships and even my own friends and family. This is a vital component in finding a career because you never know who knows who and how they can help you. When more people are looking out for you, your odds of finding a career greatly increase.

3. Never Stop

Although it may be hard to keep looking for a career when you’re continually coming up short, never stop looking. I know it’s humbling and discouraging to look for six months or more, but you still need to push forward and focus on making it happen for yourself. I never stopped looking and I eventually found what I was searching for.

To all those soon-to-be grads out there; if you never stop, tap your networks and start supporting yourself from the beginning, you will get the career you’re hunting for.

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  1. As always, great advice. I will pass your blog on a soon to be grad I spoke to earlier today. When the advice comes from someone who has recently gone through the process it has a lot more impact than from someone who has had the same job for 38 years.

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