Focus to Get it Right

I love to multitask.

I can’t help jumping between screens on the computer from my writing, to my bank accounts, to my Twitter. Or off-line, I love to clean the house while watching a show and eating at the same time. I love to get as much as I can done in the least amount of time.

But is that the best strategy for work?

When you multitask, your attention can get so divided that you can end up losing the focus required to do your best work. ┬áRather, it’s good to just focus on one action so you can give it your best effort, instead of just some portion of it.

So do you stop multitasking altogether at work? No, multitask on less important items and save your focus for the work that means the most.

This is something young pros must be wary about, since many think that the faster the work is completed, the better they look. But a lack of full focus on an important assignment in order to get it done faster can actually lead to more work or even starting all over again if it wasn’t done right.

Multitask to get all the little things done, but focus on the big things to get them done right.

6 thoughts on “Focus to Get it Right

  1. I multi-task every day almost all day haha. I’m am almost always listening to music while I work or doing a few things at once.

    What I find works the best at work is if I list off everything I need to get done while going through emails and whatnot on a pad of paper. Things with the highest priorities will get a Star next to them. As i work on everything throughout the day I then cross out the stuff I finish or write notes if pieces of it still need to get done at another time.

    One of the most productive weeks was when I finished several projects at once, all while listening to the Hunger Games book on audio haha

    Hope all is well.


  2. Lindsay,
    I think you get your multitasking from your Mom and I . I do a lot
    better when I’m cooking 4 different items in my school Kitchen!
    I don’t do well if I just do 1 thing at a time. Everybody is different.

    Love You A lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Aunt Patsy

  3. Another great article. It really makes you think of what you’re are really doing or accomplishing and how well you are doing it. I’m definitely with you on this one and agree that you dilute your focus and probably the quality of your work when you’re trying to do too many things all at once. Your article is going to make me think twice before multitasking, especially if there are important projects at state.

  4. Lindsay,
    I really appreciate your article! I agree with you on focus at work. I find it much more challenging to stay singularly focused now with much more technology to distract me here and there. I enjoy your sharing.

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