Why Gen Y is Good for Business

What do young pros bring to the workforce today?

There are many young professionals who have advanced skills in various technologies, and this is no accident.

Born in the mid-1980’s and later, with numbers estimated as high as 70 million, Generation Y is the fastest growing segment of today’s workforce (Kane).

According to the book, Connecting to the Net Generation: What Higher Education Professionals Need to Know about Today’s Students, people from Gen Y were the first to grow up with computers in their homes and they use technology at higher rates than people from other generations, (Junco & Mastrodicasa, 2007).

In effect, people from Gen Y have an amazing advantage in today’s workforce; they’re digital natives.

As companies implement new digital technologies to reach their customers, they need people to maintain or even help launch these platforms. Who better than someone who grew up using technology as their major form of communication and information source?

Despite what they may think, digital natives are marketable because they have a skill set that’s in high demand in today’s workforce.

Although you may be job hunting among experienced professionals, or just in an associate-level position within a company, don’t sell yourself short. You have a lot to offer because you are fluent in a language that those with more experience are still having trouble translating. Use the fluency of technology to your advantage and establish it as your expertise either within your organization or in your job hunt.

Use your generation to your benefit, because it could be your biggest advantage in today’s workforce.

How do you think your generation helps you in the workforce?

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