Embrace Uncertainty

It’s scary not knowing what’s coming next.

This is a reality for many college seniors as they prepare to graduate.

I remember feeling really anxious about what was to come. I always knew what classes I was going to take the next semester and what my schedule would be like. So the idea of graduating and not having everything planned out was scary.

This is a common fear that I’ve observed from many students, and having felt the same way just two years ago to date, I like to offer them some advice from one of my college professors.

The week before graduation, my professor asked the class for a show of hands of who had a job lined up after graduation. Many hands shot up in pride all around me and I remember feeling really discouraged as my hands remained on my desk. Then my professor followed up with a profound statement.

‘For those of you who didn’t raise your hands, you are the lucky ones,’ he said. ‘This is probably one of the only times in your life where you don’t know what’s coming next, and I want you to take this time to embrace that.’ This made me see my situation in an entirely new way. Instead of feeling discouraged, I should be embracing this brief moment in my life where I have no roadmap.

This is the attitude I took and it led to my career. Even though not knowing what’s going to happen after school is scary, remember to embrace the uncertainty for a while and it will lead you to a very certain future.

Do you embrace uncertainty? 

3 thoughts on “Embrace Uncertainty

    1. Sometimes it’s more exciting not knowing what
      will happen next. I say get up every day like it is
      a new adventure and embrace it.
      Great Job Lindsay! Love you much!
      Aunt Patsy

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