Get to the Point

When I write, I can get carried away.

If I write over 400 words, start citing numerous sources or draw on various experiences, I have to remind myself to get to the point, so readers can get a clear understanding of what I’m trying to say, faster.

There’s a lot of value in being concise, especially in the business world.

Whether writing or speaking, it’s important to convey a short, clear message in order to successfully communicate with others and get your work done. However, this style of communication is not universal in today’s workforce.

In an attempt to leave nothing out, many professionals write long e-mails, leave drawn-out messages or make lengthy presentations to get their point across. Ironically, by trying to communicate all the information at once, they can actually lose the reader’s interest because it can be overwhelming.

Instead, before you start communicating,¬†ask yourself, ‘What’s the point?’ As journalists like to say, ‘Don’t bury the lead.’ Say the most important thing first, or as soon as you can, to capture your audience and to help them understand what you’re trying to communicate.

In interest of this topic, I will keep this short; Get to the point earlier, and you’ll get what you want much sooner.

When you communicate, do you get to the point?

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