Don’t Forget to Celebrate

Two years ago to date, I graduated from college.

Normally, I wouldn’t have realized it, but the entire town of Chico was consumed by grads and parents all weekend. Although it was nearly impossible to get a parking spot downtown or eat at a restaurant without waiting 45 minutes to be seated, it was nice to be around all of the excitement and it made me nostalgic.

When I graduated, I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of pride. I had taken so many classes, completed hundreds of hours of work and listened to dozens of professors, that by the end of everything I felt that I shouldn’t take this achievement lightly, rather I should celebrate and embrace every minute of it.

It’s not too often that you get such a strong feeling about something, but you can experience some fraction of it in the workplace from time to time.

As important as it is to celebrate a big achievement like graduating, it’s also important to celebrate your achievements at work, however small. Whether you closed a deal, asked for and received a raise, or gave a kick-ass presentation, you need to celebrate your accomplishments, not brush them off.

Celebrating your work is an important ritual because it’s a way to stay motivated to achieve your career goals. Just like that sense of pride and accomplishment you felt when you were handed a diploma, try and let yourself feel some part of that when you make a personal achievement at work.

It may seem silly to celebrate when you make a small stride in your career, but it’s in these moments when we have a chance to see what we’re really made of, and that’s worth celebrating.

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