Take a Break

You may look forward to taking off work and going on vacation, but do you look forward to going back to work?

I didn’t think I would miss work when I left on my 10 day vacation in June and was thrilled to finally shut down my computer on my last day. Throughout my time off, I relaxed and got to focus on important things other than work, like connecting with friends and family, and doing things I don’t get to do during the work week.

Although it was nice to have a break, during my time off I started to reflect on the work I was doing and how exciting the year had been so far. I also started to think about all the upcoming events and projects I would have a hand in. Strangely enough, on my time off, I began to rediscover how much I liked the work I was doing and also having a purpose everyday.

And I’m not the only one who’s discovered the power of taking a break.  In a recent article, Dean Obeidallah from CNN.com refers to a 2010 study, which found that ‘35% of Americans feel better about their job and are more productive after a vacation.’ Just one more reason to cash in your vacation days, instead of sitting on them.

In your career, taking vacations can not only help you re-engerize, but it can also help to reaffirm your purpose. Sometimes when you step away from your work and look at the bigger picture with a clearer head, it can help renew your outlook on what you do and how you feel about it.

Take a break; sometimes you need one to realize the impact of the work you’ve done and all the great work you have left to do.

After a break, do you look forward to going back to work?

One thought to “Take a Break”

  1. I look so forward to work that I consider Friday my hump day not Wednesday and especially after time off. I beleive this feeling comes when you enjoy what you do and that there is a sense of purpose and meaning in what you do on your job. I am as enthusiastic about my job/career today, after over 38 years, as I was on my very first day. So much so that I have no plans to ever retire. I love to travel, play golf, and do many other things other than work but I don’t plan on retiring from those things either so why retire from something you love-work?
    A break now and then does just what you say.

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