No One Likes a Know-it-All

If you work with a know-it-all, you know how obnoxious they can be.

Working with someone who constantly interrupts you because they think they already know something can be really frustrating. On the other side of that, it can be annoying to hear information that you already have knowledge of.

I tend to get annoyed when people tell me things that I already know. But what I’ve learned is that if you listen to someone instead of cutting them off, you might actually learn more than you thought you knew.

If you’re the one dealing with a know-it-all in the work place; when they cut you off, tell them that you might have some additional information that they might not already know.

If you’re the one cutting others off; before you interrupt a coworker, hear them out and then if you’ve heard everything before, tell them you already had prior knowledge and thank them for letting you know.

Often times, people don’t know the whole story, so whether you’re getting or giving information, respect and hear each other out, or else vital information can be lost if you’re too quick to cut someone off.

No one likes a know-it-all, so don’t be one and you might end up knowing more.

Are you a know-it-all?

One thought on “No One Likes a Know-it-All

  1. I don’t know about your advice here. I think in some cases your suggestions would be spot on but you have to be careful. Each situation is different and dependent on personalities involved which is the wild card. This issue can be more complicated than what might appear. In some cases dealing with a “know it all” face to face can do nothing more than fuel the fire never mind telling them that you already know what they are talking about. I definitely get what you are saying and it is annoying having to listen and/or work with people who think they have all the answers. Your advice to listen is always wise.

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