Rising PROfile: Cole Williams Starts StrengthHealthy

After college, most graduates go out looking for a job, but Cole Williams created his own job by starting a business.

Cole is the owner and founder of StrengthHealthy, a strength & conditioning business in San Diego, CA, that helps athletes prepare for their sport by assessing their physical limitations, correcting them, and also getting them stronger. Although many of his current clients are ‘physique athletes’ who only train to look better, what they don’t know is that their training is actually helping them to become more athletic as well.

In January 2011, Cole started StrengthHealthy in his parent’s garage in Santa Cruz, CA, just eight months after graduating from Colorado University of Boulder with a major in Saxophone.

When asked what made him decide to start his own business, rather than finding a job, Cole replied:

I had worked for other people/companies before and constantly found myself critiquing the way they did business. Then in college, I had the chance to work for myself as a musician, and all of a sudden people were asking me ‘Cole, what do you want? What do you need?’

It was also in college that Cole discovered where he needed to start his business.

I was working at a gym in Colorado and realized that I really preferred to train outside during the many perfect 80 degree summer days, instead of locking myself away in the gym. I knew San Diego had a great climate, and I also knew that people in Southern California are some of the most image-conscious people on the planet, so it just made sense. The more people I talked to about it, the more it seemed like a great Idea.

One year after starting StrengthHealthy in Santa Cruz, Cole decided to move to San Diego to grow his business, and he’s done just that. In addition to getting interest in his business with flashy T-Shirts, big signs at his publicly held booth camp classes and networking, Cole said his number one strategy is just doing great work.

When a client of mine drops 20 plus pounds, starts moving more athletically and their old aches and pains start to fade, I have a walking, talking billboard for a long time.

Although Cole says the freedom is the best part about being an entrepreneur, he said that it’s also the hardest part. He confesses that with no one above you to tell you to work harder, you have to be really disciplined with your time and energy. Thankfully, Cole has had some great mentors along the way.

I have several great strength coaches whose writing and success have inspired me greatly in this field. Right now I’m being mentored by Mike Ranfone of Ranfone Training Systems, who was the former head of strength & conditioning at Yale. I was also mentored by my dad, who had an amazing amount of knowledge and natural skill at social networking and marketing.

After deciding to make his own career instead of finding one, Cole has a piece of advice for other rising pros and entrepreneurs looking to do the same.

A.B.C.; always be connecting with other people. I didn’t come up with that, but I try to live by it.

Cole said he plans to keep rising by continuing to connect with people, achieving more results with current clients, and having a great web presence with various informational training videos.

Just two years after graduating, Cole has started a business in a field he loves and is quickly making a name for himself with his client’s successes and his commitment to connecting with others. Cole shows young pros that if you can’t find a career, then you might want to consider going out and creating one.

Visit strengthhealthy.com for more information, and contact Cole Williams at cole@strengthhealthy.com.


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