The Four Seasons of a Professional Life

There are four seasons that come and go throughout your professional life. To better demonstrate my point, I will take you through the four seasons from the perspective of a job hunter, an employed professional and a business owner.

Sometimes your career will be in a winter season and things will be a little slow-moving or inactive. A job hunter can’t find a career, an employed professional can’t seem to advance within their company, and a business owner realizes their company is not taking off the way they hoped it would.

But then the spring season comes, new possibilities grow and opportunities appear. The job hunter gets a second interview, the professional is reviewed for a raise, and the business owner starts to see an increase in their sales.

Then the summer season is when you’ll shine and have a reason to celebrate. The job hunter finally lands a career, the professional receives a higher title and the business owner achieves a successful business.

But then the fall season kicks in and things start to change and transition. The job hunter changes departments, the professional leaves his company to work in a different industry,  and the business owner expands their business.  

All of these seasons of a career are very different, but what you learn and experience in each can make you appreciate the others all the more. Embrace each season knowing that they will all go and come again throughout your professional life, meaning there will always be an opportunity for change.

What season are you in?

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  1. I am a small business owner and experiencing the summer success, but am mindful of what each season can bring in the business enviroment. Proceed with wisdom and caution.
    Good Blog!

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