Rich Medel Inspires Youth to Keep Rising

For 40 years, my uncle, Rich Medel, has been inspiring local kids to keep rising.

Uncle Rich recounting his 40-year career.

As the unit director of the Boy & Girls Club of Carpinteria for the past 39 years, uncle Rich has been a mentor to more than 30,000 local youth, inspiring them to always reach higher and strive for more, regardless of their background.

I’ve always known my uncle was a very generous person, but it wasn’t until I attended his retirement party that I realized just how much he was appreciated and respected for it.

More than 250 of his supporters, coworkers, friends and family showed up to celebrate his accomplishments on a warm Saturday evening inside the Club’s large, decorated gym.

The evening progressed to a set of speeches from speakers like the Vice-Mayor, First District Supervisor, a Congresswoman from the 23rd Congressional District, followed by adorations from his colleagues, former club members, friends and finally, his two sons.

Even though everyone had different things to commend him for, they were all inspired by his continuous mission to help local kids grow by getting them to stay in school and off the streets, involved in sports and activities, and planning for their futures.

A memorable quote of the evening was ‘Good, Better, Best.’ In short, if something is good, make it better and once it’s better, make it your best.  And uncle Rich has done just that.

During his tenure, he was constantly improving the club for its youth. He oversaw new building additions, made possible by the fundraising campaigns he established, and he was constantly finding ways to improve the existing clubhouse. In effect, he was an example to the youth that he mentored to always do your best work and to always keep improving.

After 40 years of service, my uncle Rich has not just been involved with the Boys & Girls Club, he’s also been committed to supporting the youth, ensuring they reach their full potential so they become productive, kind and responsible individuals throughout their lives. I believe his mission and legacy will always live on in the Club, the community and in the hearts of all the kids he’s inspired to keep rising.

If you want to help preserve and grow what my uncle Rich has built for the youth of Carpinteria for the past 40 years, click here, or send a donation to P.O. Box 643, Carpinteria, CA 93014, to ensure they keep rising.  

6 thoughts on “Rich Medel Inspires Youth to Keep Rising

  1. Lindsay: it was a great evening & tribute. Too bad there was not enough time for us to visit. Best to you and your future ahead!

  2. Wow Linz you’re amazing. What a wonderful piece on Richie. I’m so happy you came down all the way from Chico, CA to be apart of this special event. I know it meant a lot to Patsy and Richie and your blog captured the essence of the evening and is just frosting on the cake. Thanks again for taking the time to memorize Richie in your blog! You make us all proud.

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