HR’s Just Not That Into You

We’ve all been there; you think everything went good, there was great conversation, your interests seemed to line up, and you left on a good note.

But then you wait by the phone for their call and you don’t hear anything. For a while you think they’re just really busy or maybe they want you to call them. As a result, you don’t explore your options, hoping they will pursue you. But after a few weeks go by without a word, you realize maybe things didn’t go as well as you thought. So eventually you give up hope they’ll call and move on because you realize;

HR’s just not that into you!

Much like waiting for a call after a good first date when you’re looking for a relationship, wondering when HR will call you back after a great interview with a job offer can be frustrating. And in an attempt to deal with that frustration, we start making excuses for HR. 

I hear excuses from job seekers like; they’re probably still looking at candidates, or I’m sure they’re really busy or they’re probably in the process of getting together a job offer. So they stop looking and convince themselves they will get a call back for a second interview or a job offer. But usually that doesn’t happen.

Just like in dating, the same rules apply; if you don’t hear from them, they’re probably just not that into you.

So instead of waiting around for the phone to ring after a great interview, keep looking and exploring your options until you hear from them, or even until you get a formal job offer. It’s important to move forward instead of getting hung up on just one potential opportunity, because you might miss a better one in the process.

If you don’t get a call back, it’s likely that HR’s just not that into you, but thankfully there are plenty of positions in the sea.

Do you make excuses for HR when they don’t call you back?

One thought to “HR’s Just Not That Into You”

  1. Interesting take but true on many fronts. I always get a kick out of your analogies and your interpretations. You really make your readers take notice and I like that about your articles. The raw reality of finding explanations for things that don’t ruin your personal image or self respect I think is nothing less that self defense. We all want to think the most of ourselves and that if people (HR) reject us it is because there is a logical reason and not because we are not good enough. Thought provoking once again. Thanks.

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