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You may think that hanging out at home is the only way to unwind after a long, stressful day. But being active and expanding your network while you’re off the clock can be an even better way to get reenergize for another day.

Although I enjoy vegging on the couch with my laptop, while watching TV after a long day, I thought it might also be beneficial to get involved with activities outside of my living room. So within the past year I joined a recreation volleyball league and became a member of the marketing committee at my local Boys & Girls Club. I also decided to join the Chico Young Professional’s Organization to expand my network of other young pros in my area.  

Now, you might be thinking, I don’t have the time! I thought so too with my 40-hour work week and managing my blog. However, I realized that a lot of committees and leagues know this, so most activities have a low committment level for busy pros, allowing time to still have a social life, exercise and relax at home.

After being involved in my community for the past year, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to get involved in clubs, organizations and leagues outside of the workplace. Not only is it a great distraction from the pressures of work, it has also been a great way to apply my skills in another capacity and meet new people with similar interests.

From joining a club, to becoming a member of local leagues and committees, there are tons of things you can do to decompress from your work day and shift your focus and talents to an entirely new and different pursuit.

What activities do you enjoy outside of work?

2 thoughts on “Join the Club, League or Committee

  1. I too like to hang out and relax after always going,going,going at work. But, I found that it does help to unwind better and de-stress if you are out and about in the fresh air and doing something for you!

    Lately, I have enjoyed going for a nice bike ride to the beach or Nisene Park. As well I enjoy Volunteer Coaching my children’s Soccer and Basketball teams, that really helps me re-connect with children and my love of teaching and coaching. It helps me be a kid again and just have fun at their levels. (I really wish I could just grab some of their energy and bottle it for the next work day).

    As well I have decided to help give back to the wonderful teachers who take time to teach my children all the academics they need to do well, so I volunteer every Wednesday showing the Kinder class kids how to use computers and run Math and Reading programs with them. It is rewarding to not only help the teachers but also show the kids the new wave of the future.

    1. Love to hear that you’re so active outside the office! It really puts things into perspective and helps give you a renewed sense purpose for your career. Thanks for sharing!

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