Is it Hard?

After years of difficult subjects, classes and projects in school, it’s understandable when a recent grad asks a job referral or recruiter if the position they’re applying for will be hard.

Although they may want the answer to be ‘No,’ I don’t think they realize what they’re asking.

Initially, it may seem nice to have a turn-key job that’s easy to do everyday, but the lack of challenge in a job can ultimately lead to boredom and may eventually leave you feeling unfulfilled after a few short years.

Therefore, the question young pros should be asking is not,’How hard is the job?’ but rather, ‘How will I be challenged?’

This shows that you’re a go-getter, up for difficult tasks, but at the same time you’re gaining insight into what you’re getting into without coming off as insecure. Even if you do find out that a job will be hard, young pros should be excited to take on challenges and, better yet, ask for them. It beats worrying about how hard a job might be and revealing your apprehension upfront before you’re even given an opportunity.

As I’ve said before, we all need some challenging work to help us grow as professionals and as individuals. And although doing work that’s easier is nice at times, don’t make a career out of it.

Is your job hard?

4 thoughts on “Is it Hard?

  1. My job isn’t hard, but it is challenging! I’ve had jobs that were boring and it effects many area of your life. Being challenged means you’re constantly learning and that’s important. Great post!

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