How to Be More Like Virgin Airlines

I wish more airlines were like Virgin Airlines.

The planes are sleek and technology enabled, the food is delicious, your first checked bag is free, ticket prices are competitive, and their employees make you feel like a VIP, even when you’re not in first class. From their swanky, lounge-inspired check in area, to entering the plane’s violet-lit cabin with calm synthesized music, they provide a travel experience that’s unparalleled.

Since Virgin is significantly different from other airlines, it sets them apart from their competitors, making them the clear choice whenever I travel.

So why aren’t more airlines like Virgin? Because it’s easier and safer not to be different and  just say you are.

The same goes for companies in every industry.

If you look at your company’s website and then compare it to your competitors, you will probably see similar claims, wording and maybe even design. Most likely after a closer look, you’ll realize that you’re not different, you’re all essentially the same.

At first, this may seem like a disadvantage, but it’s actually a huge advantage. 

If you can find the ways you’re different and then emphasize them, you will undoubtedly stand out and eventually be the clear choice because you sound, look and feel fresh to consumers, who are constantly faced with more of the same.

This is also an important lesson in your career. Many employers want someone to stand out for a position to make their decision easier. Although it may seem hard to determine what makes you different, if you have peers in a similar position or industry, look at how they’re presenting themselves. If you start to see a collective objective, job history, or skillset, think about how you can demonstrate your own value in a different way, or think about what you offer that they don’t.

Whether you’re promoting your company or yourself, strive to be different.  Like Virgin, if you stand out, you’ll position yourself as the only clear choice.

How are you different?

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