5 Qualities Employers Covet in a Candidate

When you’re just entering the job market, it’s hard to know what employers are looking for in a candidate.

Many recent grads will make the mistake of thinking that a degree alone will be enough to land a job, but that’s not the case. In a tough job market, employers are looking for qualities in a candidate that go beyond academic achievements.

Even though ideal qualities will vary, I’ve listed 5 coveted qualities straight from a recruiter that young professionals should remember when they’re on the job hunt.

1. Employers like candidates that can articulate their career goals both in the job interview and on their resume;

2. Employers place high priority on communication skills; including computer skills, customer service skills and writing skills;

3. Employers  want to hire people who have good time management and organizational skills;

4. Employers like to see internships. Internships on the resume elevate the job applicant because they show initiative; and

5. Employers want chemistry. Many ask themselves, ‘Will this person fit in?’ ‘Will they work well with others?’

So if you’re looking for a job, make sure to put an emphasis on your skills and prior experience and most importantly, always take into account how your personality can sway a hiring decision.

A degree is always nice, but it’s better to have other great qualities to back it up.

What’s your most ‘hireable’ quality?

3 thoughts to “5 Qualities Employers Covet in a Candidate”

  1. Great words of wisdom by your recruiter source and elaborated by you in this blog. Personally, I have hired individuals with fewer academic credentials who were more impressive in a personal interview with strong communication skills and personality. Note: soft skills and/or other special training and certifications often times trump advanced degrees when employers have to decide on hiring an individual that is versatile, creative, and personal over a candidate that has more education but with no personality or communication skill. It’s all about presentation, personality and creative personal touches and not as much about the finer technical details that help sell yourself and/or your service or product.

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