12 Best of 2012

It’s been a busy year in blogging.

Last year, I promised myself that I would blog 1-2 times a week in 2012, and for the most part I’ve kept that promise. As an effect, I’ve cranked out a lot of posts this year (60 to date), and I have my favorites, but it always suprises me which posts resonate the most with readers. In effect, I use my stats as a guide for future content, making it evolve with your interests and with the world we all work in.

So I decided to revisit some of your favorite posts from 2012, because in the end, this blog is for you; young professionals who are navigating today’s workforce or in a challenging job market. So here are your favorites and I hope you find them valuable again and if you haven’t read some of these, I hope at least one of them becomes your favorite too.

In order of popularity from top to bottom, here are the 12 best of 2012;

  1.  3 Ways for New Grads to Land a Career
  2. Rising PROfile: Barry Baker Shares How He Got a Career
  3. Rising PROfile: Nicole Zongus Lands a GIANT career
  4. 5 Books Every Young Pro Should Read
  5. How to Sell Yourself
  6. Not Sleepless, Just Stories in Seattle
  7. Why Gen Y is Good for Business
  8. Seven Points from Seven Pros
  9. B2B in Boston
  10. Rising Meets Aspiring Professionals
  11. What I Learned in 2011
  12. Rising PROfile: Kat Jarvis Doesn’t Write Off Her Career

What’s your favorite 2012 post?

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