What Are You Afraid Of?

Many young professionals are constantly afraid at work.

Common fears include, I’m afraid;

  • That I’m not performing well;
  • To speak up because I don’t think anyone will listen to or respect my opinions;
  • My coworkers/boss don’t like me; and
  • I’m not working as hard as my coworkers.

But no matter what it is, it all comes down to; I’m afraid I’m not good enough.

Many young pros don’t think their good enough simply because they’re new to the workforce, and don’t know what to expect from their job or themselves.

But young pros shouldn’t let that get to them.

I used to be paranoid and afraid all the time about making mistakes or not saying the right thing. But then I realized, I just need to be a little more sure of myself and the experience and skills I have to offer, and the rest will fall into place.

The ultimate defense to fear is confidence. If you can be confident enough in your skills, your initiative and yourself, then you have nothing to be afraid of. And although failure is one of the biggest workplace fears, it’s being confident enough that you’ll learn from failure and move forward that gets you past the fear of making mistakes.

So instead of being afraid, try being confident in what you have to offer your company, which is why you were hired. Start there and you’ll be surprised how fearless you can be.

What is/was your biggest fear as a young professional?

One thought to “What Are You Afraid Of?”

  1. Great advice. Staying confident or getting confidence unfortunately may not be easy for some. I do believe the fear of the unknown or making mistakes can seriously impair our ability to become confident. One of my biggest fears when I was a young professional was that I wasn’t going to remember everything I learned in college and I would end up losing my job for substandard work or performance because I couldn’t apply my college knowledge. Of course, that fear never became a reality but it sure seemed like a real possibility at the time. What actually happened was the fear caused me to work harder to a point I surpassed accomplishments of all my coworkers with more experience. So as you suggest in your article, I channeled my fear in a positive way resulting in me becoming a more confident and successful professional. I hope young professionals that have fears on their new jobs or careers read your article. Thanks for another inspirational article.

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