Are You Happily Helpful?

Nothing’s worse than working with someone with a bad attitude.

One of my readers recently wrote to me saying,

“I find that the overall work attitude [today] is very unpleasant. There seems to be an edge, or harshness towards one another. So when you do encounter someone who is pleasant, wanting to help or [will] troubleshoot for you, it is very surprising.”

In light of this observation, a question emerged;

Are young professionals happily helping others in the workplace?

I always think of young pros as eager to please and always up for a challenge, however, I know that sometimes I myself am less than thrilled to help with someone else’s problem at work, especially if it takes away from my own workplace problems.

But then I think, what if it was me asking for help and no one would help me? What if someone did help me, but was blatantly unhappy about it. I wouldn’t want that and no one else would either.

With this in mind, as you work with different people, staying positive and being willing to help a coworker, will not only make them happy and productive, but also you as well. And you may even find it easier to find a happy helping hand the next time you need one.

Do you happily helps others at work?

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