Five Inspiring Grad Speeches for Current Pros

It’s graduation season again.

My own college, Chico State, is holding their commencement ceremonies this weekend, so I couldn’t help but write a post about graduating and starting a career. But instead of offering advice to recent grads or offering my experiences since I’ve graduated, I want to share graduation speeches made this month by successful, inspiring people, who not only give amazing advice to recent grads, but also to professionals at any stage in their careers.

A lot of what I read hit very close to home in terms of what I was feeling when I graduated, as well as how I feel about the work I do now and my goals for the future. My favorite was, ‘Be a Superhero!’ because I can relate to it a lot at this point on my career path.

Here are the five inspiring graduation speeches for new grads and professionals. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

  1. Richard Branson: You’ll Never Again Be so Unburdened; Do Something Bold
  2. Jack Welch: How Graduates Can Get Ahead
  3. Maria Shriver: The Power of the Pause
  4. Jacki Zehner: Be a Superhero!
  5. T. Boone Pickens: Here’s What I’d Give Up to be You

What’s the best advice you’ve been given as a recent grad or professional?

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