Validate Me

One of the biggest things I crave at work is validation.

Did I do a good job on my assignment?

Did I do a good job of orchestrating that trade show?

Did I meet your expectations?

If someone doesn’t tell me that I did a good job, even though I know I did, it makes me think that my work was subpar.¬†Even in life, I’ve noticed we’re constantly asking each other; Did you like the food? Do you like this shirt? Do I look good?

Why do we need this validation?¬†Because most of us are insecure in ourselves and with our choices and we need to know we did, in fact, do a good job. But why can’t that confidence already exist within us?

You need to be confident enough to know that you did a good job and if someone decides to go out of their way to comment on your work, without solicitation, that can make the feeling of success so much sweeter. But how do you get to this point? I think after every assignment it may be helpful to ask yourself a few questions before you submit your work;

  1. Did I do everything that was asked of me?
  2. Did I do my best work?
  3. Did I do all I could to complete the assignment?
  4. Did I meet my deadline?
  5. Will my coworkers/boss most likely move the assignment forward and not send it back to me for further work?

If you answer yes to all of these, then there’s nothing to worry about. Even if you don’t get validation, you can at least give yourself some credit for meeting all the criteria and providing exactly what was asked of you.

Although validation is such a big part of our work culture and life, I think it’s important to validate yourself if you know that you deserve it.

Do you crave validation at work?

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  1. Great article as always. Two questions you should add to your list is. “Did I go beyond what was expected of me?” and, “Did I do something extra special to make the product or my assignment stand out?” Keep up the excellent work! “Keep Rising”

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