Mix it Up

Even though you may find your work rewarding and challenging, sometimes you may want to mix it up and work on something completely different.

I like working on marketing strategies and planning events, but sometimes I feel like I need to expand my skill set and focus on something different as well. Fortunately, I was able to satisfy this craving with an all-day Adobe InDesign training this week. I’ve always been interested in marketing design, so when I was granted the chance to help with design work for my company, I was thrilled.

Instead of focusing on event details and marketing campaigns that usually make up my workload, I was able to focus all my attention on something completely new and foreign to me for an entire day; and the experience was amazing. Although I was completely fried by the end, I found mixing up my work and learning a new skill to help me along my career path was empowering.

So if you get the chance to mix it up by helping someone in a different department, do it! Interested in another aspect of your position and want to advance your skill set? Ask for the opportunity! Sometimes you have to be in charge of the mixing.

Mixing up your work can not only help renew your drive for routine assignments, but also equip you with various skills you can use along your career path.

Do you mix it up at work?

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