Risk Youth

Taking risks in your career can be terrifying at any age; but the fact remains; it’s better to take risks when you’re young.

However, most young professionals don’t take risks by joining start-ups or establishing their own business because they are afraid of failure.

I have news for you; you’re always going to be afraid to fail and it’s only going to get worse as you get older. Although you think it makes more sense to gain 5 or 10 more years’ experience before you take a big career risk, you will also have much more to lose if you wait.

Think of it this way; if you take a risk and you fail, you have a lot less to lose when you’re younger, and as an effect, can pick up and move on a lot easier. But if you take career risks when you’re older and more established, you could not only jeopardize yourself, but also your family and its many assets, making it much harder to recover.

Although you may not have the experience, connections or self-confidence of a seasoned professional, you shouldn’t let that stop you from taking chances in your career as a young pro. Surround yourself with bright and innovative colleagues, trustworthy mentors and supportive friends and family who will do anything to help you succeed, but will also be there for you if you fail.

Taking risks only gets harder as you get older; so don’t let age play a part in your decision to take one, instead focus more on what you have to lose.

Did/do you take risks as a young pro?

6 thoughts to “Risk Youth”

  1. Lindsay, great article on Risk Youth! Never be afraid to take a chance. Everything in life
    can be fixed. We may be afraid at our age to take a chance or risk, but we are always here
    for all of you. Love You Much!

    Aunt Patsy

  2. I have found that when I took risks in my career and failed it was a great learning experience, and made me much wiser in future decisions.
    Great article!

  3. Interesting perspective. I think by and large the youth of today are more adventurous and willing to take risks that previous generations would have never taken. Heck, I know of young people in the work force in permanent professional jobs today leaving those jobs to travel and/or to take jobs of lesser pay and less security just because they want to. At the same time I think there are fewer young professionals that want to jump into the deep end without making sure how deep, deep really is. Hopefully, your article will inspire and put some in the water. I mean like you say even if you fail you you have less to lose because you have less invested. Taking educated or calculated risks can not only be exiting and challenging but rewarding in many ways.

  4. Thanks for the comment. I’m glad that you’re noticing that more and more young pros are taking risks. It’s good to see and I hope other young pros take the hint to do the same while they have less to lose.

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