A Rising Pro Is…

When I tell people I write a blog called Rising Pro, a common question is, ‘What is a Rising Pro?’

A Rising Pro is a professional that is always looking for ways to excel in their career, but here’s a little history on the name.

When I started this blog back in 2010, it was originally called Rising PR Pro, since I was still a public relations major in college and wanted to share my experiences navigating the PR profession and interning at agencies. But then when I landed a marketing job in 2011, I broadened my content and renamed the blogĀ Rising Pro to appeal to all types of professionals. So, what qualities make up a Rising Pro?

What better place to explain than on the Rising Pro blog! A Rising Pro is;


A Rising Pro uses resourcefulness to get what they want. From overcoming a challenge at work, to finding a new job; they don’t stop at the first road block, but rather are always looking for new and creative ways to make it happen.


A Rising Pro is passionate about the work they do or want to do. Whether they already have their ideal job, they’re creating it or are looking for it, their passion is what leads to their success.


A Rising Pro understands the value of staying connected. They realize that staying in touch with key people along their career path will benefit them personally and professionally, helping them to keep rising.

Always Learning

A Rising Pro knows there is always something new to learn. They place high importance on constantly learning new things about their industry and position, and adapting to new technologies that will make them successful.


A Rising Pro knows that the only way to keep rising is to be visible. From calling out their achievements, to introducing themselves to someone new, they are always looking for opportunities to rise.

Always Prepared

A Rising Pro is always prepared for anything. Whether it’s a sudden job change or a big presentation, they are always ready, which makes them successful.


A Rising Pro confronts their fears. Even though they may be faced with a hard, scary or risky career move, they’re always brave enough to make the best choice.

Now you tell me, a Rising Pro is…

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  1. You never cease to amaze me. You are clearly insightful beyond your years, especially only being a young pro yourself. What wonderful inspiration in this latest blog post. I know those that read it will be inspired and motivated to do more and to face challenges head on. It’s a great reminder to us old pros as well. Thanks for the wake up call. It makes me want to keep rising.

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