You Need Help

“No person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit.” Andrew Carnegie (19th century industrialist, leader of the American steel industry expansion) 

My parent’s joke that the first phrase I learned was, ‘I do it myself.’ And to this day, that’s still my attitude when I set out to do something.

I love making my dreams and ideas come to life; like moving to San Francisco or starting this blog, but even though I wanted to ‘do it myself,’ along the way, I found that I needed the help of others to get where I wanted to be.

Often people want to do things on their own so they can get all the credit and rewards. Ironically, if you don’t get any help, you may not have any credit or rewards to keep all to yourself. I don’t care who you are, we all need other people to help us be successful and fulfill our dreams. It’s hard to ask for help or admit that you need it sometimes, but most of the time, it at least gives you a better chance of succeeding.

As much as I love trying to figure things out by myself, sometimes it’s not the best way to learn or get where you want to go. I constantly have to force myself to ask for help. What finally makes me ask for it is remembering all the past experiences where I was more successful because of it.

So as much as you want to resit it; you need help to achieve your next big success.

Do you ask for help?

4 thoughts to “You Need Help”

  1. You are dead on. We all need help even when we don’t think so at times. Asking for help is not easy for some, because it may appear that you don’t know something that you should and you don’t want to put yourself in an embarrassing situation. Don’t forget to say thank you for the help or advice and find ways that you can return the favor. Try not to subscribe to old saying, “If you want something done right then do it yourself”.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Great point about sometimes not asking for help because you don’t want to embarrass yourself, but producing poor results because you didn’t ask for help can be even more embarrassing! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have found the more advice and help I get from others creates better results. Different perspectives, opinions and ideas are what makes us all move forward in a positive way.

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