Stop Reading This and Look Up

If you’re reading this right now on your mobile device, you shouldn’t be.

Everywhere I go, every day, everyone is looking down at a device. On the bus, waiting in line, walking down the street; most everyone’s head is down.

I’m guilty of this too, but recently I decided to use my commute time and work breaks to truly unplug. That means I don’t look down at any screens, but rather use that time to regroup and recharge before, after or during a work day. And what I have discovered has been amazing.

The first thing you notice is that everyone around you is looking down, and noticeably stressed out because of it. As an effect, you also start to realize how much people are missing. They don’t see the people, architecture or atmosphere around them, all of which can be truly fascinating. But this also makes you feel like you’ve unlocked something special, by witnessing amazing things that others aren’t seeing right in front of them.

Although many people use their devices to mentally take a break from work, scanning personal e-mails or news sites, I think using your down time to look at yet another screen can actually put more strain on you. Instead, take a walk during a break, go shopping on your lunch hour, look out the window or around at people during your commute, it’s amazing what you see and how much healthier you feel when you get back to the office.

It’s also a great opportunity to check in with yourself. I feel like I’m always so distracted that I don’t have the time to gauge how I’m feeling. So now my breaks and commute have turned into my time to reflect.

I know it’s hard, but if you can truly disconnect whenever you have the chance you will discover so much more than what a tiny screen can offer. Now stop reading this and look up.

Do you ever disconnect during the work week?

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