One New Year, Two Resolutions

As 2013 comes to a close, I find myself reflecting on all the changes over the past year.

New city, new job, new challenges, new friends and experiences; it’s been an amazing year and I’ve stuck to my 2013 resolution of being open to new experiences and emerging myself into San Francisco life during my first year here.

However, for 2014, in addition to a personal new year’s resolution, I’m going to make professional resolutions as well.

As a rising professional I think it’s important to have goals for every aspect of your life, especially for your career. Throughout the years, you may be so caught up in your current job that you don’t step back to look at what you want to achieve in the course of your entire career. This is where career resolutions can be very beneficial. Setting professional goals each year will help prevent you from getting stuck and improve the possibility of moving yourself toward where you want to be with each passing year.

This year, my professional new year’s resolution is to improve my network and communication skills. I hope to improve my network by attending professional mixers and setting up meetings with professionals I admire to discuss career development. I plan to improve my communication skills by participating in groups like Toastmasters, and also consciously speaking up and voicing my opinion more in the workplace.

As for my personal goals, I hope to meet new friends, become a pro at navigating San Francisco and stay in shape.

Despite whether or not you fulfilled your 2013 resolutions, look ahead to a new year of possibilities and start fresh with two new resolutions in 2014.

What are your professional and personal resolutions for 2014?


5 thoughts on “One New Year, Two Resolutions

  1. Wow, as always your blog is thought provoking and inspiring. Even though I have been in my career for 40 years I still set goals for myself but this is going to be the first year that I actually adopt a professional New Year’s resolution because of your article. Last night I saw the movie “Jobs” about the life of Steve “Apple” Jobs. Although there were parts of the movie that were disturbing (Steve lacked some social graces and professional conduct traits) overall Steve was a visonary and not too many people really “got him” (I feel that way sometimes). The visionary part was very inspiring. Talk about resolutions, it seemed like Steve woke up every morning with a new resolution and/or a mission to make his resolutions a reality. My personal resolution for 2014 is to stop complaining about little physical aches and pains and to concentrate on others while taking time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life like running on the beach, playing more golf, wine tasting and spending more time with new friends and family. My favorite personal philosophy these days is “Some day is now”. It’s time. No more will I say, “some day I will…” My professional resolution for 2014, will be to inspire and train more young people coming into my agency and to continue to make a difference in the work place by “thinking outside the box and painting outside the lines”. I congratulate you on your resolutions and wish you all the best both personally and professionally in 2014!

  2. Thanks for sharing your 2014 resolutions with me. I wish you all the luck in realizing these goals and discovering new ones along the way. Happy New Year!

  3. I enjoy your blog posts 🙂

    My personal resolution is three-part: to play more, what-if less, and “just be” in the moment more.

    My professional resolution is to plan out my editorial calendar 4 weeks in advance, blog titles and all!

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